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General questions

OneTwoChem is the digital spot to bring professional buyers and suppliers together for chemicals. OneTwoChem is unique in that it provides a safe and secure platform for buyers and sellers to meet and conduct spot business in a reliable way. Many of our competitors focus on request for quotes. On OneTwoChem are raw materials ready to sell for specific industry areas, for example, Biodiesel and Household Care.

OneTwoChem has been developed by Evonik Digital GmbH and BIG PICTURE GmbH. Evonik Digital GmbH is the owner of the platform while BIG PICTURE GmbH is responsible for operating OneTwoChem. This guarantees that Evonik Digital GmbH and any other subsidiary of Evonik Industries AG cannot gain any competitive insights. Evonik Digital GmbH is a subsidiary of Evonik Industries AG and focuses on using digitalization to enhance customer experience and develop new business models. E-commerce is one major area developed by Evonik Digital GmbH. BIG PICTURE GmbH is a specialist in digital transformation and developing software-based platforms.

OneTwoChem is currently in the beta phase and buyers and sellers are invited by invitation only. OneTwoChem is working on an approval process for the buyers and sellers after the beta phase.

OneTwoChem is a platform developed for buyers and sellers in the chemical industry and addresses the chemical spot business. There are two main characteristics of spot business.  On the one hand,  business between supplier and buyer without long term contracts, and on the other hand spontaneous business.

OneTwoChem is currently in the beta phase to further test and develop the platform.  During this beta phase, the use of OneTwoChem is free of charge.  We will provide our pricing approach after the beta phase.

Currently, two industry areas are available on OneTwoChem: The biodiesel industry (raw materials to make biodiesel) and household care industry (raw materials to make household cleaners) in Europe. We are currently evaluating further industry areas to scale-up.

OneTwoChem is a safe and compliant platform that allows buyers and sellers to share necessary information on a one-to-one basis. Both, buyer and seller, elect to conduct business with each other. OneTwoChem has been developed under the latest GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation).

Both, suppliers and distributors, can offer raw materials on OneTwoChem. The seller must be set up to serve an industry area. Each seller goes through a qualification and on boarding process before being approved by the operator, BIG PICTURE GmbH. No company can both, sell and buy the same product on the platform.

Questions for suppliers

OneTwoChem focuses on spot chemical business and applies a completely new way to manage it professionally. Today, chemical suppliers and distributors, are looking to digital solutions to improve their sales approach. In addition, it is very time consuming and effort intensive to serve the smaller deals including single spot shipments.  On the other side, OneTwoChem provides a convenient way to procure spot chemicals for buyers.

Basically, you will lose the opportunity to offer products. We are thinking of providing reminders and/or subscription plans to help minimize this issue.

Evonik has no insight on what you are doing on the platform. Administration and data management is done by the technical operator of OneTwoChem, BIG PICTURE GmbH. Evonik has agreed on a “Chinese Walls” policy which shields individualized information from Evonik. This Chinese Wall is ensured by contractual and technical measures.

Questions for buyers

Currently, OneTwoChem has at least one supplier for a particular raw material for each geographical area on the platform. On future iterations there could be more than one supplier of  the same raw material on the platform.

OneTwoChem can be used to manage spot chemical business professionally. This could include unplanned demand, interruptions in your current supplier’s production or to help in your price negotiations.

All platform suppliers are experienced and reliable partners. They put their best estimates of delivery time for each customer for a particular raw material and this is built into the delivered pricing screen you see. If a supplier does not meet your delivery conditions, please contact him directly.

Prices can change daily and is at the discretion of the Sellers.  Buyers are encouraged to check pricing frequently to save money and make better deals.

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